• Mobility & Movement 

Our Mobility & Movement Classes can be adapted to suit all abilities. Both group sessions & one 2 one training sessions are available for booking.


Stick Mobility is a great tool that is specifically designed to help you move better by increasing your fitness, strength and mobility. Improving muscle activation leads to better movement and range of motion, which in turn can aid in the prevention and rehabilitation of injuries caused by everyday activities as well as sports.

Click here to find out more about Stick Mobility


Foam Rollers are useful for self massage as they help release tight fascia and ease muscle tension by palpating body tissues improving blood flow and circulation of fluids. They are perfect for pre or post workout either at the gym or for home use.

For more accurate trigger pointing of sore muscles a smaller device is needed. Massage balls can be used along with mobility exercises which involve body weight movements whilst applying pressure to the area of tension. Massage balls also have the benefit of being extremely portable so they can travel with you where ever you go, ideal for relieving ‘tech neck’ in your lunch break!

Price List

45 minute Stick Mobility Session – One 2 One – £30

45 minute Stick Mobility Session – Two 2 One – £20 each

Advice & Training for other Exercise Equipment such as Foam Rollers, Massage Balls & Therapy Bands can be included as part of your treatment session, for example book a 60 or 90 minute appointment to include both massage treatment and exercise session

Exercise equipment is available to purchase. Smaller items are stocked in clinic, larger items are available to order.

Booking & Information

We believe our patients should receive our full care and attention during their visit. To ensure this we kindly ask that all appointments are booked in advance. Any emails, texts or phone calls will be replied to as soon as possible as the therapist will not be available to answer the door or take phone calls whilst treatments are in progress.

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