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Our treatments are tailored to each individual. Find out more below on what we have to offer. If you would like to receive a treatment but are unsure if any of the treatments are suitable for you please contact us by email or phone, or by filling out the form on our Contact page and we will do our best to answer any questions you have and advise you on the most appropriate treatment.

Some of the benefits of massage include:

Relaxation & relief from stress & anxiety, Improved Circulation, Increased joint flexibility, Boosts immune function

Reduces chronic pain, Speeds up recovery from injury, Improves quality of sleep

Promotes a sense of well-being


Great for relaxing & rebalancing both mind & body.

Light to deep pressure is used to relax & soothe tired or aching muscles. As well as making you feel fabulous & refreshed, massage can help to improve blood circulation & movement of lymphatic fluid to help reduce swelling, improve skin tone & remove toxins. Massage can reduce levels of stress, anxiety & depression, and aids the body’s natural healing processes. Light stretches & mobilisations can be used to relieve muscle tension and loosen stiff joints.

Perfect for neck, shoulder & upper back pain caused by poor posture, or a welcome treat for tired legs & feet..


Ideal for re-energising & supporting an active lifestyle.

Treatments are focused around improving flexibility of muscles & mobility of joints. Involving deep tissue massage, stretches, mobilisations and acupressure to trigger point those annoying little knots.. Aimed at helping to flush out toxins and speed up recovery after a heavy session, also to provide pain relief & aid rehabilitation for specific sporting injuries.. Or purely just a little treat to rebalance your body & re-energise it ready for the next workout..

Perfect for athletes, gym enthusiasts or those with an active lifestyle..


Specialist in Kinesiology taping used by elite athletes & professional healthcare practitioners.

Kinesiology tape was first used by acupuncturists and chiropractors in Japan. Today it is used by a wide variety of elite athletes and professional healthcare practitioners throughout the world to treat injuries and pain. ROCKTAPE is a premium brand of kinesiology tape.

When applied properly, it promotes changes in the body’s fluid, mechanical & neurological systems by reducing swelling, pain, tightness, stiffness and delaying onset of muscle fatigue and cramp.  ROCKTAPE can be worn for up to 7 days. It is 97% natural cotton fibres and 3% hi-tech nylon. With 180% elasticity allowing full range of movement and can be worn while swimming or in the shower.

Price List

30 minute appointment: £30 – Treatment packages: 4 x 30 minutes for £100

60 minute appointment: £45 – Treatment packages: 4 x 60 minutes for £160

90 minute appointment: £60 – Treatment packages: 4 x 90 minutes for £210

Kinesiology Taping Only Prices

30 minute consultation including taping £30

Follow up Taping from £10 dependant on amount required.

Tape available to purchase at £13.50 for 5 metre roll

Booking & Information

We believe our patients should receive our full care and attention during their visit. To ensure this we kindly ask that all appointments are booked in advance. Any emails, texts or phone calls will be replied to as soon as possible as the therapist will not be available to answer the door or take phone calls whilst treatments are in progress.

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